Red Dwarf to Return

If like me you grew up in the 80's-90's and loved cult sci-fi you could hardly of failed to notice the phenomenon that was Red Dwarf. This series to me was the epitome of classic sci-fi with a genius comic twist.

This series was seriously the bread and butter of my childhood. I honestly doubt I would be the spaceship loving dork I am today without it. So I was over joyed to find out they are filming a two part special with the entire original cast. The simple premiss is that they finally make there way back to Earth. To be honest that is all I know as I write this.

But as the excitement bubbles up inside me so does my fear. The last two series of Red Dwarf in my eyes struggled to match the comedy gold of series 1 or even series 6. Taking the crew out of their element of excitement and adventure by resurrecting the entire crew of Red Dwarf, just took away all the fun and miss adventures they could have had. All I hope is they go back to the classic format and scrap the later ideas.

I will try my hardest to keep you all updated with the news as it comes!


(ed- This is where me and Marc disagree, I think Red Dwarf is massively over rated and just not funny for the most part. Seeing the direction this is going (the Rovers Return for Christ sake) makes me cringe and scream 'cash in' at my monitor.)

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