New York Comic Con Roundup!

Sadly this year, us here at Climbing Shrimp towers were unable to make it to the NYCC but here are some of my pics of the best news and interview from the event. Sites I will be mostly linking to are CBR and IGN. Thanks to them for there awesome coverage, so I guess this is my coverage of there coverage. Or something...

Oh and one more thing, I am sure I am missing stuff out. So send me a comment!

The DC Panel.

The 50 years of Green Lantern Panel.

'Dark Wolverine'. - Interesting to see where he will go after Old Man Logan. Hell, no more Logan for a little while. A Wolverine book with some fresh ideas? Shocking.

Hickman on the Fantastic Four! - I WILL read anything this man writes and THIS WILL make me read The Fantastic Four!

X-Force and a Sexy new Mini Series. - A fun series and a fun coupling. I look forward to picking this up.

Marvels Dark Reign Panel.

Milar and his big plan for The Ultimate Avengers! Millar on the big ass UA's! - I just can't over how happy I am to see this man back on the series he so deftly created. What I read here just makes me smile wide!

Loeb on the Ultimates. More Loeb on The Ultimates. - Can this man pick up his game? I certainly hope so.

The end for the Ultimate Universe. Marvel Ultimate Revamp. - It's all about whats coming next!

Dark Reign The Hood. - I love what Vaughan created with this chracter and I can't wait to see him grow in Dark Reign.

Paul Cornell on Dark Reign The Young Avengers! - Oh Yeh! Bloody joyess news. A great book now with a great writer who will get it!

Millar on the future of Old Man Logan. - Where he might go after #75.

Marvel Animation.

Quesadas Panel.

Marvel going Digital.

Well my coverage is certainly Marvel heavy, no shock there. I am sure me and Marc shall be talking about this news on a future show. But these were some of the big things for me from the show. I hope that was informative for you!

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