The Black Freighter

The tension in the air is almost palpable as the clock counts down to one of the film industries biggest premires since George Lucas rebooted Star Wars for more money. I for one am shivering with fear and anticipation to see Watchmen finally take to the big screen, but this post isnt for me to gush with fan boy glee.

This is to talk about one of the books most atmospheric extra's of course if you've read the book you know I'm talking about 'The Tales of the Black Freighter'. The trailer is all over the internet and the pre-order for the DVD is avalible through various web sites, what can I say from the little i've seen?

It's visualy perfect, capturing the dark and terrifying feeling so prevalent within the sub story, I cant wait to see this horror story of 'humanities fall' come to life. As if this wasn't enough reason to buy the DVD also included in it is the biographical story of the first 'Night Owl' named 'Under the Hood' documenting the rise and fall of the 'Minute Men'. This will hopefully give a beautiful back history to the universe and really helps flesh out the entire experience.


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