Dork In Your Eye: Episode 16, We're Back!

Hey guys, we're back!

Kinda. This isn't exactly a normal format episode, but it's far more in keeping with the regular style than any of the recent special episodes.

Before I get any further, let me just point out that this show is EXPLICIT. If you were not already aware of this, well you are now.

We had all kinds of technical issues with this episode, so it's not as detailed as it would have been, but take a listen, it's still very much us. My theory, due to us not doing a show in ages all our pent up rude and vile thoughts vented at once. So expect this to be very... Out there.

The show focuses almost entirely on us looking back at E3 (so 'lots' of game chat) and the San Diego Comic Con. Both of these happened over the last month. This means a fairly broad mix of things are covered, for example a lot less comic talk than usual, kinda. Also bare in mind that both shows are massive and we bye no means cover everything!

Next time expect a huge Comics are Crack segment and coming soon a look back at all things movie from this summer. Everything chronologically from Iron Man all the way through to Hellboy 2.

Just three more things, this show is long (for us) at 50 mins, the Corner Stone Cues are amazing go here and buy there album oh and does anyone wanna hear the un-aired show? Leave comments or send some feedback!

So welcome back to Dork In Your Eye, enjoy.


Bellow is a link dump for more information on the main things (in the order they are talked about) we mention in the show (ed-IGN is our friend)! So enjoy.

E3: Tombraider Underworld, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Fable 2, Resident Evil 5, Left 4 Dead, Mirror's Edge, Street Fighter IV, LittleBigPlanet, MAG: Massive Action Game, Spore, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, The New Xbox 360 Experience.

San Diego Comic Con: Shotgun Opera, Neil Gaiman & the Dark Knight, Who Will Replace Batman, Mark Millar back on Ultimates, War of Kings, Iron Man on DVD and Blu-Ray, Tron 2, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion, Original Short Films Coming to Xbox Live.


Darbz said...

Holy shit you're back, I'm back, and I got some tunes for you. And I have Skype so we can do the podcast together :) I read all the news - just couldn't be fucked to comment) :p

Yeah Baby! DIYE is back in business :D

Ben said...

Nice to have you back from the dead!