The London Film and Comic Convention

So here we are with our London Film and Comic Convention coverage. This is going up just 1 day after the show ended, how cool are we? Seriously, tell me.

Anyway, take a look at what's in store, we have a bevy of interviews for you with the lewd, crude and in your face Marc slapping some people about with words! Enjoy.


Rebecca, the sexy Rogue

Cyanide and Happiness - I'm not a dork, honest.

Tom Savini - The ultimate bad ass!

Make sure you click those links (for the interview that have one) and take a deeper look at everything we talk about, it's really worth it.

Thanks again to all those that participated in the show. We really appreciate it!

As you will find out from listening to the show, in keeping with our special show tradition this episode is without music.

RIGHT CLICK: SAVE AS to download, or LEFT CLICK to listen!

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