"More human than a human?"

Finally after months, no years of waiting I've had my grubby little hands on the exciting demo for Too Human. Seriously I never thought this game would arrive, it was first planned for the Playstation 2, then the Gamecube and finally the Xbox 360 by Silicon Knights the brains behind the Legacy of Cain series.

As I said it's been a long time in the making and this usually means one of two things, either it's full of problems that they just cant get rid of no mater what, or its tuned to perfection like a giant throbbing engine of death and destruction. Luckily for us it is the latter. This game is AWESOME!

The combat is refreshingly simple, none of this A B B B X do a handstand crap, it is simply each trigger button activates a gun and your right thumb stick hits creatures with your weapon. The crazy thing is how much you can do with so little, from simple combo's depending on the length of time you hold the thumbstick to targeting two completely different enemies with your guns. Honestly it's just too hardcore for me to put into words you've just gotta try the combat to really appreciate it.

The graphics are shiny pretty, my only little complaint was the cutscenes don’t really seem to live up to today’s standards. But that’s me being picky. Basically what I'm saying to all you crazy cats is download this demo! I'm waiting more then a little excitedly for the full game now, its fulfilled all my hopes and expectations.

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