DC figurine collection.

Marvel started doing this month’s well actually years ago and finally DC has caught up. What am I talking about? Movies? Video games? Nope none of the above. I’m talking about the DC Comics Super Hero Collection, a magazine that contains a small figure/statuette of the character featured in the magazine.

The magazine is itself very interesting, featuring a history of the character, its nemesis and compatriots and a selection of artwork that usual involves their concept and development. The issue that ended up in my grubby little hands was discussing the Joker, it was well written if a little repetitive with its description of the characters. As for the statue it was a beautiful lead sculpture standing around 3 inches tall, the hand done paintwork really brought the Joker to life and at only £6.99 well worth it.

I have the pleasure of owning three marvel statues and I look forward to collecting their DC counterparts.

(ed-I promise we are not getting paid for this praise...)

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