Comic news from NYCC 08.

Comic news I want to cover. There is loads of stuff coming from the New York Comic Convention this year. But it's not all something I care about. The two stories I have for you now are in equal parts awesome and insane. So let me hit you, hit you hard!

Not Marvel Zombies... Marvel... Apes!

I wish I was joking I really do, or do I? Marvel Zombies was awesome, well to start with, then it went on to long and made me want to never see a Zombie in a comic again. A hard thing to do considering how much I love them, or should that be love to hate them. Anyway, Apes.

So, from an idea that was suggested to Quesada as a joke by a fan when he was asking where Marvel Zombies could go, to a fully realised and now commissioned concept that you will be seeing in shops. You have to ask yourself, why?

So expect lots of bananas, humour and a crisis that threatens the entire universe! Click the link for more and check out those so awful they are funny apeafide names of your favourite heroes!

Thor Vs. Skrulls, my money is on the one with the hammer...

So from August there will be three issue mini series that will be telling the story of how the Skrulls, pretty foolishly, invade Asgard. Matt Fraction a big up and comer within Marvel, whose name is appearing on more and more books will be doing the writing. So far no artist has been unveiled.

So it's gonna be Norse god's versus Skrulls. Awesome. I can't wait to see all those little green men getting squashed by Mjolnir! I guess this is another one to add to my buy pile and it puts to rest the fear that certain characters in the Marvel Universe may not be affected by the insidious alien invasion.

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