IDW and Angel.

IDW loves Angel. The reason is that the relatively new comic book series, Angel: After the Fal,l that is set right after the end of season 5, has been a massive success for them.

It does deserve it no doubt, it's very well written with beautiful art and printed on lovely high quality stock. Hell, I shall be picking up issue 5 tomorrow with a bit of luck.

Due to this massive success IDW have just announced there plans for the future of the series.

Issues 6, 7 and 8 are the start of a special three-part 'stories-within-the-story' adventure detailing the 'First Night' for all the main characters involved. Finally for the fans we will get to see the direct affect of the big fight at the end of season 5 for all the main players.

Issue 6 is going to look at Spike, Connor and Lorne. Issue 7 will look at Wesley and a surprise return for a so far unannounced character. Issue 8 will look at Gwen, Gunn and the effect on LA's populace after it was thrust into Hell. That all sounds bloody amazing, but there is more!

Issue 9 will be picking up directly from the shocking cliffhanger (I can't wait now!) at the end of issue 5. Oh and we can expect issue 8 and 9 in June as they will be coming bi-weekly.

Oh and I am stil not done yet. Spinning off from 'First Night' we will be getting a Spike miniseries coming to the shops in July. Titled Spike: After The Fall this special four part series takes Spike from that fateful 'First Night' and explores his changing relationship with Illyria. The mini series will answer many questions, not least being how he took over a certain mansion.

This is great news for all the Angel fans and I as a fan of the comic can't wait. Thanks IDW, you have a loyal customer here.

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