Rosario Dawson on Sci-Fi

This show idea sounds cool and is really appealing to the inner geek in me.

Basically the story is that Rosario Dawson and David Atchinson are making a TV show for the Sci-Fi channel called True Believer. The basic concept is that a comic book aficionado (like me!) hires an actual superhero to train with, though at this point I don't know why. But I am sure hijinks will ensue.

True Believer will join three other notable pilots for the Sci-Fi channel. The Stranded (based on a Virgin comic) and Deputized about an everyday guy who is suddenly given superpowers and joins up as part of a universal space police (Green Lantern much?).

Sci-Fi channel will most likely also be putting the BSG prequel Caprica up to be shot soon. The timing perfect to fill the gaping hole left by BSG's absence next year.

To me, those four shows all sound fun and enjoyable, so fingers crossed they will all do well in next years pilot season.

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Darbz said...

nice! sounds good but I dont have sci fi so I'll sadly miss it unless i download it (or stream it) muahaha!!