Does exactly what it says on the tin "Kicks Ass!"

So crazy news for all our movie and comic fans. We all know one of the gods of comics Mark Millar (no relation to Frank) well he has just started a new comic known as “Kick Ass” at the moment we are only blessed with the first issue as the second has been delayed and yet there is already a rumour, a buzz if you will, that Hollywood is already interested in picking it up!

Allegedly Matthew Vaughn (director of the beautiful Stardust) is going to be writing it with his partner in crime Jane Goldman (again script writer from Stardust). All I can say is WOW two issues and already a movie in mind! What secrets has Mr Millar passed on to make this possible?

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Darbz said...

Nice, I'll keep my eyes and ears open for this! sounds pretty good :)