Dork In Your Eye: Episode 10, It's all about the Crack baby.

Hello gentle listener and welcome back to Dork in Your Eye!

This week we are a lean, mean podcasting machine, our run time is at just under 30 little minutes.

No link dump this week, as really, there just wouldn't be much to put in it. We talk about Iron Man and Wolverine cartoons, we talk Iron Man in Hulk (like sexually) and to be fair we talk about the JLA movie and how crap the new title is. All that is news we have covered on the site, so take a look you lazy so and so!

After that we get onto the extremely addictive nature of comics and how I am a super dork in the worst possible way. And to end the show we go out on a downer and give a fitting and well deserved tribute to one of the fathers of modern science and Science Fiction, Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

This week really is a roller-coaster, from craziness to almost tears, make sure you listen, and make sure you keep on listening in the future for a cut segment and more from Adam Darby and his composing talents!

One final thing, enter the competition NOW!


Darbz said...

just listening to episode 9 and then I'll listen to 10 so bare with me for posts on this one :) :)

Darbz said...

LOL WHAT THE FUCK!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Ben that noise you do on 7:34!! It's gotta be put in a magical track of weird noises and dodgey shit you and Marc do! just about 1/2 way through the 10th episode. I like it...Comics are Crack!!