X-Men Origins: Wolverine, first picture.

So this film is starting to seem a bit more solid now.

It was one of those titles announced a couple of years back that I just doubted would ever make it to the cinema, but it seems like May 09 will see the return of Wolverine on the silver screen.

USA Today had some brief comments from Jackman who will of course be reprising his very successful role.

"I know it seems odd given, you know, the guy is already half animal," Jackman comments in relation to the fact that Wolverine is going to be even more in your face bad ass! "But with all the success of the X-Men, you feel the pressure to keep pushing it further."

Jackman who is producing Origins said he never expected the films about mutants trying to be a part of society "to catch on the way it did. But I became a fan of Wolverine like everyone else. That's why I keep holding on to the character."

"I think one of the reasons the X-Men took off is that it connected in a way nobody saw," Jackman continue to say. "They're mutants with powers. But they're also outcasts for being, and everyone connects with that on some level. And who wouldn't want the power to get back at the people who ostracised you?"

Yeh, how can I not comment on that? It's like people were unaware of the X-Men before the movies, surely not. Sometimes you have to wonder about people, could he not have done maybe a little research first? Anyway, I'll let him off, maybe the comics and TV series never made it to Australia.

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