No Star Trek until 2009

Empire and many other sources are reporting that JJ Abrams Star Trek re-immagining has been put back until May 8th 2009 (us release date).

This is some pretty gutting news, and the reasons for it are typical studio bull shit. Basically its been done to maximise box office income from the title by positioning it as a summer blockbuster.

It would seem that they took a longer look at what they would be up against at Christmas and maybe the history of movies not always succeeding in the festive season and bolted. Are they that worried about the film? Where is there confidence in there once flagship IP?

This delay is not because JJ wanted more time, it is all on the studios. The new date now has ST possibly sandwiched between Wolverine and Transformers, hardly an easy ride for a franchise that needs a kick start. Oh and lets not forget that the date we in the UK get it might easily be even later.

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