Maxx returns from the outback.

So yet another classic character is made into a toy, this time it’s the Maxx (based on the MTV oddities animation) one of the most bizarre and mind screwing cartoons I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. The figure is made in two pieces by the little known Shocker Toys in their “Indie Spotlight" line.

I honestly have no idea about the articulation in these figures but I’m still damn stoked just looking at it. The hulking sculpt is perfect, it looks exactly like the source material, the most interesting thing about these figures is the fact that it seems you paint them yourself. You better know your source material that's for sure.

But that’s just the figure that took my interest; there is also a Minimate-ish version of Madman, Dick Tracy and the cast of the Tick.

More toys to come!


Anonymous said...

The big 8" Maxx will come fully painted as will the small Shockini version. The Shockini mini toys have a blank version you can paint but thats not the case for the bigger stuff or the comic book shockinis.

Ben said...

Marc got told! LOL.

Marc said...

Thanks for your feed back. I wasnt totally sure about that due to the web page having all the figures as blanks. But its cool to know.

And I wouldnt say I got told just informed theres a diffrence :P

Anonymous said...

Also there is now a 3" Maxx vinyl figure available at SDCC and non attendees at http://www.shockertoys.com/store.php