DC's yet another 'infinite' crisis.

I’ve sung DC’s praises about how they handled the superb Sinestro wars, what I have avoided speaking about is the pile of faeces that is Countdown. I’ve avoided this series like the plague, at the beginning it was an entertaining enough, but now 50 something issues in and I want to scream at the sight of it. Countdown was one of the stories that helped bring back the multiverse to DC, which is cool.

It’s about time they brought it back, but now only 3 months since it was resurrected, another crisis is about to take place that yet again “threatens the multiverse.” Jesus, like the last two Crisis didn’t threaten the multiverse. I’m fed up with DC being so gutless and rehashing the SAME stories over and over again. I’ve said it about their films; they don’t have the balls to make films with any different characters, well now they don’t even have the guts to make new stories.

At one time DC was on the top of the comic world, hell they even owned Marvel. I wonder how long it will be before Marvel owns DC.

Another bitter post by lemon loving Marc.

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