Breaking News! Wolverine casting!

I know, I know, you just couldn't wait for another X-Men Origins: Wolverine (damn that title is a pain in the ass) casting story!

This time because it's so awesome I have given it it's own post, you asked for it (actually no you didn't) so here it is.

Shock, horror, Ryan Reynolds has been confirmed to be playing Deadpool! This is very cool, but what more can I say about this, other than, yeh, I knew. Hit the link to find out more about the merc with a mouth.

And as a little bonus, Black Eyed Peas front man, Will.i.am has been cast as John Wraith (nope, I have never heard of him either). So the question is, who will be cast tomorrow? My money is on Julia Roberts as Shadowcat. Just because they can. One of these days I should find the off switch for scorn...

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