The Green Lantern cast in JLA movie.

So after a short absence I’m back! And oh do I have a fun story for you.

We have all been waiting for DC to actually grow some gonad’s and release a film that isn’t Batman or Superman. First of all there was the horrible idea to make a comedy Green Lantern film staring Jack Black, thank god that vanished before it had time to pollute our theatres. Then I heard rumblings of them making a Green Lantern film starring Nathan Fillion (this rumour is unconfirmed but damn I want it to be true)!

Now DC have seen fit to give us a Green Lantern but not in the way any one expected. They have cast Common (a rapper) in the role of John Stewart (he is the lesser known of the four human Green Lanterns) in The Justice League of America movie. There are some obvious reasons for using John, to start with he was the Green Lantern featured in DC’s rather successful Justice League cartoon. He is also one of the more prominent black superheroes in DC’s rather pale roster.

So what will DC do with this one? More importantly can Common actually act? And the final most pressing question will this movie ever get made? I mean can any one actually remember a feature length theatrical release from DC that wasn’t Batman or Superman? I sure can't.

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