Heroes is over...

For season 2 anyway. Did that fool anyone really?

AICN are reporting that Hayden Penettiere has commented at the Berlin Film Festivel that Heroes is done with it's much shorter second season.

Due to the strikes and actors doing films in the break, filming wont be picking up again until April and the show wont start airing its third season until at least September.

I hope this means that season 3 will come back punchier and better paced. I also hope that this doesn't mean we can expect a second short season box set priced as a full season! God damn those studios.

Oh and I wonder what that means for the viewers on the BBC...

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Darbz said...

I was going to mention before that the 2nd series is like 1/2 the length of teh 1st one, but didn't want to give it away for those that hadn't seen it on UK TV yet. I have a feeling the same will happen with Supernatural as well for all the Supernatural fans.