Dork in Your Eye: Episode 6, Creepy Kids and Cool Video Games

Hey guys.

It's show time! I am really running out of ways of saying that now.

This week the show has a couple of themes mixed in with the general geek news.

We have creepy kids and cool games announced and talked about at GDC, if you don't know what it is, take a listen, all will become clear.

Something not in the show this week due to running time is a Fan Fic Frolic, we have an awesome one all cut and ready to go for next week though, so make sure you tune in.

Also in the pipeline, if I am using this post as a mini announcement thing, is a special episode about Jumper, another with an interview with Tr@ize and a third which will be all about Rambo, that is if Marc can get around work and not be too sick to go and see it with me!

So make sure you keep an eye on your feed/site for all this cool content. When I get round to it there might be some comic reviews as well, for all those people who would rather be told what to buy instead of making a choice for themselves! Just kidding.

So here is the show, oh and we have a special guest host this week, you know what to do!


Bellow is a link dump for more information on the main things (in the order they are talked about) we mention in the show (ed-Wiki is our friend)! So enjoy.

Supernatural, Sinestro Wars, War of the Flowers, Village of the Damned, Red Queen, Damien/Omen, Universe X.
X-Men casting, X-Men Wolverine, Knight Rider Re-make, Voice of Kit Before Kilmer/Will Arnett, Street Fighter 2 Casting, Marvel Digital Comics.
GDC, Penny Arcade Game, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Too Human, XNA, Dishwasher.

1 comment:

Darbz said...

Nice show guys I liked this a lot. Good game and film reviews, keepin it fresh with a guest, hehe lovin the dorky moment of the week :)
I got two things to say though:-
1) Children of the corn - freaky kids
2) the bodysnatchers - the little brother gets body snatched at the end and its about as freaky as little kids get.
Gotta say again, love the show and keep them coming cos i piss my self in places its so funny (i.e. this week -
MARC:If anybody wants to pay for us to go to packs(?), and get us press passes cos..eh
BEN:we'll bum you
BEN:Or if you're a lady, you know. We'll give you propper sex
MARC:We will do what ever you want. We'll bum each other, if that would get...
BEN: Nooo..we won't do that!
MARC:won't we? won't we bum man(?)...What's the dif(?)
BEN:Errrr...I'm ok...Lets move away from bumming
HAHAHA classic! (Can't say I don't listen to the show) >:p