GDC 08 - Big stories round up...

OK, me and Marc are unashamedly Xbox 360 gamers. We have both owned Wii's and got rid of them, we both have a DS, I have owned all Playstation's except the latest (which I will get as soon as I can monetarily), and my gaming days go back to the C64, I also have a high end PC... But you will notice that the stories bellow are all 360 ones. I have looked through ALL the coverage from GDC (Games Developer Conference) so far, but the only interesting ones that I have spotted are 360 related. Feel free to comment.

Penny Arcade Adventures

We here are Climbing Shrimp Productions absolutely love what they do over at Penny Arcade. Be it the blog, the comic, the Child's Play Foundation or PAX, which we all wanna make it to one day. So we are all pretty excited about this title. Hit there permanent link in the right hand bar to take a look.

It's obviously coming to PC. But even more exciting for many is that episode 1 of this action RPG set in the 1920's (dont ask, just check it out) will be making it to Xbox Live to download this spring! I expect it will be 1200 points, maybe more. But I'm sure that with Gabe and Tychos art direction and scripting it will be something else. I can't wait.

GTA IV DLC (Downloadable Content) in the Autumn

This is a pretty big scoop for the 360. Exclusive DLC for the next instalment of perhaps the greatest selling franchise video gaming has ever seen. It might not be to everyone's taste, we here on the Climbing Shrimp team wouldn't say we were fans, but it's power, creativity and ingenuity can't be disputed. Come April, I can almost guarantee that my friends list will only show people on GTA IV.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Release Date and Demo!

The sequel to one of the most violent, difficult and beautiful action games on the Xbox is nearly here, this summer is looking even better now.

Come June 3rd (in the US) the game will hit retailers. While its predecessor is widely reguarded as one of the best games of the previous generation we have to wonder if it's sequel will surpass those dizzying hights. Everything looks very promising so far, and we will be able to find out very soon.

It is rumoured that a demo for this will be hitting Xbox Live over the next few days, so we will be able to test this well before it's release. I hope this makes Devil May Cry 4 look like the weeping wus it really is.

Gears of War 2 Announced

I have left the best news (so far) to last.

Gears of War was a game that came out at exactly the right moment. Coming well before Halo 3 at a time when 360 gamers needed something violent, impressive on the system graphically and with great multiplayer, the game did amazingly well, and it deserved every ounce of that success.

Now, the COG are back to fight the Locusts. I have been predicting the announcement at this very time for a while now, the release date of November is no surprise, but hell, it's great to have it finally confirmed.

I can't wait to jump back into Marcus and Dom's shoes and curb stomp some more alien scum, all they need to do this time is add some story and the game will be perfect. Oh and if you don't know what I'm on about, shame on you.

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