Stupidest battle cry in history... Maybe even as bad as "Thunder. Thunder Thunder cats HO!" is he really calling the thunder cats whores?

But that is not the topic for this post, I have just read the news that G.I.Joe will no longer be published by Devils Due, in a surprise turn up for the book's Hasbro has decided to end their relationship after a good 7 years of comic releases. This is a mixed bag of fun for fans like myself. Devils Due did some good things with Joe, improving on the pre-existing world and characters. Fear not faithful readers, as there is some light at the end of this tunnel. It seems that the company most likely to pick up the contract is IDW publishing, for those of you out there who don’t know this is the same company who is currently working on "Transformers" comics.

Is this a cunning ploy by Hasbro? After the release of "Transformers The Movie" the comic book sales almost doubled, so obviously they are hoping for the same effect here after "G.I Joe the movie." This could also mean a renewal of a classic partnership. Yes I'm talking about the old school cross over, who can forget the fun of COBRA siding with the Decepticons in their epic struggle to rule the world!

God my youth has come back to hit me in the face. (ed-It's true, mark is obsessed with Transformers, like a crack whore he just can't get enough!)

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