"Sphincter says what?"

So here I am again with yet another comic book post, god I'm on fire this morning. This time its not as friendly as my last few posts, yep its time for a tirade.

I am a huge Deadpool fan and was more then a little excited to find they were going to release a Deadpool spin off from the breathtaking Cable and Deadpool. This classic series has been running from before Civil War and brought Deadpool back to the mainstream of comics, written by Fabian Nicieza and illustrated by Patricj Zirchar, Lan Medina and Reilly Brown (to name a few). This team has been amazing covering some insane story arch's and bringing political and satirical humour to the forefront of the series.

Deadpool is known for his quick wit and for breaking the forth wall, in other words in his twisted mind he knows he's in a comic or believes he's in a comic. This makes for a really interesting twist on the story telling and gives the writer something almost unique to work with (the only other marvel character known to break the forth wall as much is She Hulk).

But the new team (writer Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillon) who have been working on Wolverine Origins have absolutely no understanding of the character or scope of what they have, instead they degenerate to basic "crap" jokes using a static artwork that does nothing for the insanity of Deadpool. I'll admit the cover art is beautiful but the characterization and writing makes me want to vomit up my breakfast and eat it again... To be honest I feel that would be more entertaining then reading more of their work.

I just hope Marvel see's sense and changes the team around for some one who fits the title more, before the comic is released and kills off a very good character.

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