To Much Monster?

It always seemed more than likely, what with its massive opening weekend box office, but now it is confirmed. Variety has reported that Paramount has commissioned a sequel to Cloverfield.

Now, I have not seen the movie yet, I will be this Saturday, tickets are booked and I am VERY excited, but the general consensus is that a sequel to this film is a bad idea. That it would somehow dilute the mystery and atmosphere that has been so masterfully created.

At least Paramount have had the sense to approach Matt Reeves (the director of Cloverfield numero uno) and JJ (god of all things genre) Abrams for this follow up. We just hope and pray that they have something cool and clever up there sleeve for part two.

On a related note it would see that Mr. Reeves has been rumoured to be the director behind, guess what, a REMAKE of the invisible (man)women, with the hero changed from man to lady, or so report AICN. This is billed as a Hitchcockian thriller, a word seemingly created for films of this ilk. Sounds, interesting, then again, when a director makes one awesome film, we are all interested in what comes next.

We shall probably have a report, be it typed or audio on Cloverfield next week.

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