Because everyone else has...

I better also mention this little story.

Captain America is back. Not that it ever went away. When Cap was shot and killed in issue 25 of the series it was not a shock, but it was extremely well done and sad. Steve Rogers, the star spangled Avenger was quite possibly my favourite super hero. So much so that for my recent 24th birthday party another member of Climbing Shrimp productions made me his mask and got me his shield!

So the news is that Bucky Barnes who was so awesomely brought back as The Winter Soldier by Brubaker earlier in his run on CA will be donning the slightly different looking costume, picking up the eponymous shield and now for the first time for Captain America, packing heat (and a knife). I don't consider this a spoiler as the news is everywhere, and hell you can go out and buy the comic right now!

I am unsure, I might get the single issue, but I much prefer to collect the trade paper backs. Anyway, the art is great, the writing is fantastic and if like me you just love the series you will be glad of the news. Bucky is without a doubt the right choice for the role and how he develops as the character will be exciting and interesting to read. Especially with a not so secret war, just around the corner.

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