Resurrection Day

It seems to be the theme of today.

Resurrection, rehash, rebirth and retooling.

What's next on the list, the seminal 90's show, Gladiators.

Yep, Sky, bastion of quality programming here in the UK (ed-irony much?) have commissioned ten new episodes to be aired in May.

They are in the process of looking for 12 new gladiators to take on 30 unlucky contestants. The original show had a lengthy run between 1992 and 2000, which aint bad. But it was cancelled for a reason. Viewers left in there droves as the show got more and more boring.

A limited run is definitely the best way to take this, if any way has to be taken at all. I don't expect great things, hell I don't expect even mediocre things. But head over to here for the spiel the guy behind it has produced to promote it.

Maybe I am just sick of this trend at the moment, maybe that means I am being overly harsh on Gladiators, but is there anyone who can say this actually sounds like a good idea?

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