As my colleague and I keep informing you, all the world has gone remake crazy, revisiting classic shows and horror films from our passed and "modernizing" them.

This time its G.I Joe the movie, now we knew this was coming hell you could practically see half the Joe's in Transformers, same company (Hasbro) do you seriously expect them not to plug there own products? (ed-might it have been a nod and wink kind of homage on Bays part?)
So any way, the big new news is they have cast Destro (thanks IESB)! The actor David Murray who has been described by some critics as a cross between Alan Rickman and Clive Owen.

I'm happy to say they are going for a stage actor this time and he seems to be fairly unknown, he's done a few bit parts including a "jumpy thug" from Batman Begins.

Here is a list of the other actors signed up and the parts they are playing, seems like they've got some big names for this one.

Dennis Quaid (Hawk), Arnold Vosloo (Zartan), Channing Tatum (Duke), Sienna Miller (The Baroness), Ray Park (Snake Eyes), Rachel Nichols (Scarlett), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Heavy Duty), Said Taghmaoui (Breaker), Marlon Wayans (Ripcord), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Rex) and Byung-hun Lee (Storm Shadow

I'm seriously excited about this film, I shouldn't be, I know, but like Transformers G.I Joe was a huge part of my childhood. Hopefully this will be done as well as Transformers and we'll have another good action film on our hands. It should be released in August 2007.

We'll keep you informed as more info becomes available.

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