Is Freddy coming back?

According to The Hollywood Reporter it seems New Line is looking to re-package, re-brand and re-flog a dead horse. By that I mean it's more than likely we will be getting a relaunch of the franchise that is Nightmare on Elm Street.

Do I need to recap for you what this franchise was all about, I'm not even a horror fan and I know! (ed-be user friendly) The film series started by the horror master Wes Craven is all about the nasty man Freddy Krueger who invades teenagers minds to kill them, if you die in your dream, you die for real. Scary stuff. If you want more, here's WIKI!

It has been said that this new incarnation will all be about the venomous villains back story. I'm not sure exactly how that will work, as he only gets the ability to do what he does after he is killed by the parents of some children he was abusing (ed-such a charmer). Maybe this wont focus on nightmare killing.

Once the writers strike comes to an end work on a script will begin. Producing credits are going to go to Michael Bay (Mr. Transformers), Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. Good luck guys, because yet another remake/re-imagining is just what Hollywood needs!

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