Decent Exposure

A lot of what goes on in the world is edited to protect the innocence of the viewing audience, be it violence in video games to nudity in films. Yet a rating for material, such as films seems to have gone up the spout. Look at the latest releases “Thirty Days of Night” or “Alien versus Predator Requiem” these films are full of explicit and shocking levels of gore and yet they were only rated at 15.

I honestly don’t mind lots of gore, in fact I really enjoy a good gore flick but what is the point in having a rating if it is becoming so lax on films and so strict on other forms of media?

You might be confused where this has come from, well I have just seen the “Ultimates 3” latest comic cover, which is a picture of Scarlet Witch and Wolverine getting to know each other in the biblical sense (ed-head over to Comic Book Resource for more, including the artists take on all this).

I personally find it tastefully done; (a lot less full on then the Stark on Black Widow video) OK you can see her butt and Wolverine is kissing on her neck, but its not like you can see her breasts or she is being penetrated. In the re-edited picture a cape will cover Scarlet Witches back and bum.

I’m putting the picture (ed-in it's unedited glory) only as a link as I don't want to offend anyone.

To Far For Comic Books?

There have been a lot less tasteful covers, look at any Tarot covers, Raven is naked apart from nipple pasties. Heck, just check out some Witchblade.

I just want to know how others feel about this. Am I wrong to think this would be fine as it is? Or has the world become so obsessed with not offending anyone and protecting them to an obscene level?

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