She just can't take it Captain!

I just can't help myself it would seem.

Barely a day will go bye without me posting about Star Trek.

Well who can blame me huh? I might not be the biggest fan, but I sure can appreciate the show. It's true I really enjoyed DS9 (cos it was so similar to B5) and I love First Contact, like any good cult film fan.

But this new movie... Hmm. It leaves me puzzled at my own interest. Everything Abrams has done to the point has ticked the right boxes, yet there is still an underlying fear of how badly it could go wrong.

I am not so much fearing this for myself, but for all the fans out there, some of which are in the Climbing Shrimp team.

Anyway, enough waffle. That picture, that large one right there is the first shot from the bridge of the new Enterprise! I kid you not.

It was taken during a live web chat the actors and the creative team did on TrekMovie, so hit that link to read it, and see some more pictures.

I think it looks suitable for the film, the need for it to feel future and yet past. Something that will be SO hard to do for this film. Do not fear though, we shall keep you all up to date with any and all information as it comes onto the interwebs! Climbing Shrimp is here to serve. Aye Aye Captain.

(ed-btw, we don't consider that pic a spoiler, so don't moan, its a bit of desk!)

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