Because we Con Con Con!

It’s a brand new year and you know what that means? Brand new conventions!

Now if your anything like me you’ll know all about the ones in America, the big daddies of it all; Botcon, Dragon*Con and The San Diego Comic Con. But the ones in England are a little harder to find so we kind people at climbing shrimp are here to take the trouble out of hunting down new conventions.

So here’s a short list of the Con’s that have excited me.

Bristol International Comic Expo

9th-11th of May:

Held at the British Empire and Commonwealth Exhibition Hall.

This is one of the smaller conventions and seems to focus more on the artists then the “Famous names”. To be honest this is the one I’m most looking forward to, mainly for the chance to meet my hero Alan Davis (no not the comedian) who has worked on many classic comics such as Captain Britain and world famous writers including Alan Moore and Chris Claremont. As with all con’s there will be cosplay sections/competitions, stalls to buy lots of cool stuff (if slightly over priced) and even a movie night!!


nd-5th MAY 2008

The Centre:MK, Milton Keynes

The most mind blowing thing about this Con, apart from the HUGE list of star names that are involved in this one (James Marsters for all those screaming fan girls!) is the fact its free entry, the only downside is that you have to pay to go into talks hosted by the stars. This one seems interesting as I said lots of big names and over 300 stalls already involved. But again it could be overly crowded for the more reclusive dorks out there.

Collectormania has five other con’s going on at similar times around the countrie, these ones don’t interest me as much but hell some one out there is bound to like em so take a browse through the others.


8th-10th August

Held at the University of Leicester campus
This is a far smaller convention than the ones above, seeming to focus more on the fans (including a cosplay triathlon) but with over 800 tickets sold so far it maybe something worth checking out for all you crazy Otaku out there.

Climbing Shrimp Productions is hoping to have a presence at Collectormania and The Bristol Comic Con, we will most likely dressed up as some body 'comicy'. If you find us we'd love to hear your thoughts on the convention and the show!

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