I aint affraid of no ghosts...

There are certain films, that were made before games reached the amazing levels of complexity and visual richness they have now surmounted, that have just been begging to be made into games. Ghostbusters is one such IP. This seminal film of the 80's is one of those movies that many of us look back at fondly.

If you were an adult then it was a guilty pleasure, if you were a kid, well it was fracking awesome! And finally, FINALLY, a game has come. Footage has leaked onto the net that shows the game in action, and my god it looks awesome (ed-if you can look past the somewhat shoddy YouCrap video quality).

This is 100% official and the guys at that little site G4 confirmed it. The game is being developed by Vivendi/Sierra and is down for a late 08 release on just about every major platform. In an article dated November the BBC (taken from trade paper Variety) says that all the actors have signed on to put there likeness and voices in the game. Can this get much better? Well yes, as it also states that Aykroyd and Ramis who wrote the films will also be writing the story for the game. Bring on fall 08.

(ed-one of those things with stuff on the net, bits can be missed, hence the lateness of this coming to our attention, still the news rocks!)

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Darbz said...

In the wise words of Piccolo (dbz fans)...YES YES YES!!! I can feel it! yes I may have just had a techy orgasm...but this game is WELL over due. and looks like it's been well designed and produced. BUT (and it's a bigger but than JLos) if they make it too much like the films (rather than comics or cartoons) the older hardcore gamers might find it a bit restricting. we'll have to wait and see i guess! hope it does have good game play-ability though cos this game could be immense!