He even looks like PJ, sorta.

So this jolly looking fellow, also known as Guillermo Del Toro, the legend behind such genre classics as Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy and Blade 2, is now, with all appendages crossed, in actual talks with New Line about directing The Hobbit and its sequel (ed-sequel, like, WTF?!) or so say The Hollywood Reporter.

Now that is super cool geektastic news if I ever did hear it. This guy is awesome and he aint been on the scene that long really. His first film in English only coming in 2002. But even though he is relatively new about the Hollywood hills he is a name all genre movie fans have come to respect.

This dude has a lot on his plate at the moment though, so it might be some time before production can start on the LOTR prequels, but it would so be worth the wait. He is so busy in fact that after expressing interest in doing the last Harry Potter film (that would make me go see it) he was told, sorry mate, your a tad booked up right now.

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