Dork in Your Eye Episode 1: The Pilot

Hey Guys!

Welcome to the reason I created Climbing Shrimp Productions in the first place. A little show with big hopes called Dork In Your Eye. The name should make more sense once you listen to the show. This show is definitely explicit, we're bad boys and we don't always use good language. The content it's self is pretty scatter shot and the the running time is pretty short, we are getting our bearings. Expect more content of a higher calibre as the show grows and develops. This is episode is definitely heavy on the comic talk.

We are here for the long run, so stick around, subscribe (ed-if you can at this time) and enjoy. Please leave comments and feedback!


Bellow is a link dump for more information on just about everything we mentioned in the show. I aint sure if I will do this every time, but you have it now (ed-Wiki is our friend)! So enjoy.

Sinestro Wars, Identity Crisis, Wildstorm, Warren Ellis/Planatery, Grindhouse, Charmed, Writers Strike, Transformers, Alien Vs Predator Requiem, I am Legend, Image, Top Cow, Dark Horse, Neil Gaiman/Sand Man, Robert Kirkman/Invincible/Walking Dead/Battle Pope, JMS, Ed Brubaker, Forbidden Planet, Brain K Vaughn/Ex Machina/Y The Last Man, Tank Girl, Cable and Deadpool, Jamendo.

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