Cartoon butcherment

So here I am making my first post and its a rant.

I'm a transformers fan, have been all my life. I like some of the changes that have happened over time, beast wars, the latest movie (even if prime is flaming). But this latest incarnation of the series is vomit worthy.
Its a butchering of good character designs into a colourful vomit pile with happy smiling faces. I mean seriously if an abomination like this had been found in "ye olden days" they would have had the foresight to abort it before it even took its first breath.

What is it these days with going into the past and dredging up cartons that ok weren't amazing, but a wonderful part of peoples childhoods and then throwing them down on the table stripping them of anything worth while and then ravishing them for us all to watch.

Leave the past alone people and try and come up with something a little more original or hell turn to some of the most amazing modern comics out there and turn them into a good cartoon following the sodding source material...


Your friendly co-host.

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