Avengers Assemble?

You know, there aint many things that get a comic fan more excited (and a bit worried) than a Justice League movie, but one of them, might be an Avengers movie. Marvels equivalent to the JL is to me a much cooler property and today it became, perhaps, a little closer to a reality.

It turns out that Mr. Tony Stark (one of my most favourite Marvel dudes) as played by Mr. Robert Downey Jr will be appearing in the new Incredible Hulk Movie.

Sure this is cross promotion, sure it might be a cash in. But it is damn cool. I mean, these guys are meant to be in the same universe, they are meant to be aware of each other. Now for the first time (ed-need to check that) in a big Marvel movie franchise they are gonna be interacting with each other, even its just on the periphery.

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