M.A.S.K + G.I. Joe = WTF?!

If you've been listening to the show for any time, you'll know that I'm a HUGE old school 80's cartoon and toy fan. They are my bread and butter, for around 12 years of my life they were the air that I breathed if I wasn't trading G.I. Joe's or blowing up Megatrons secret Moonbase, I was helping Matt Tracker save the world from the evil V.E.N.O.M terrorists (ed-as Marc is a massive nerd, he doesn't mention that Matt Tracker and V.E.N.O.M are both from the TV show M.A.S.K).

So image the excitement that coursed through me when searching through the depths of Forbidden Planet I discovered that Hasbro have released a G.I. Joe Matt Tracker, after a little research I found out that the universes have merged into one terrifying world to live in.

Normally I would be all over this like a rash on a cheep prostitute and at first I was. I mean who doesn't want all their childhood worlds to work together, could you imagine 3 inch M.A.S.K toys, With all their insanely cool cars and planes? But then I started to think about it in more detail and my heart began to sink.

Think about it, not only do you have the insane Cobra forces, you also have the Decepticons and V.E.N.O.M all of which work out of North America that seem like a little to much evil happening in one place. Is it just me or does it seem like they are shoe horning it all in together? Whats next, Hasbro after all owns my little pony? Does that mean we'll get a G.I. Joe riding one of them into war. The ponies long flowing hair flapping in the breeze while Tunnelrat guns down Villans?

The figure itself is perfect, Matt looks old and grizzled with an expression that would make even a hardened criminal piss his pants. His jump suit and helmet lovingly recreated to a detailed finish. Everything about him works apart from the accessory, which is a green (seriously neon green) helicopter back pack... What the hell!?

I hope that they make more of the old M.A.S.K figures into G.I. Joe style action figures, but god please stop pushing things into one tiny universe, North America cant take many more 'secret' organisations!

Written by Marc, published by me...

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JM Campbell said...

When I was a kid, it always annoyed me that my toys weren't all to scale.

I wouldn't let my MASK toys play with my GI Joes because the Joe's couldn't get into the MASK vehicles.

I was a bit OCD that way.

But now, they have 3 3/4in GI Joe, X-men and throw in MASK, my inner six/seven year old 80s self can finally play happily.

(Thundercats were ok because they were from a different planet, and everybody knows Transformers can change size....give me a break, I was six)