Dork In Your Eye: Episode 21, The Great Podcast Experiment

The experiment: 5 people and 1 mic in a small room.

The result: It chaos in the best way possible with lots of laughs and mayhem!

We have left to right James, Craig and Adam (and you wouldn't know it but this is the first time Craig and James have met Adam, such friendly chaps). Not pictured is Marc and me.

No excuse this time, it's late. I know, but it is WORTH it.

Make sure you enter the competition, make us laugh, send us something, anything funny to dorkinyoureye@hotmail.co.uk to enter.

Just some brief show notes as a lot of the things we talk about are out of date now and easy to find, but the banter and random tangents are some of the best ever!

Check out some post show pics of the gang, without me though (ed-Blurry much?).

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And finally the blog for soon, loads more stuff...

Bellow is a link dump for more information on the main things (in the order they are talked about) we mention in the show (ed-Wiki is our friend)! So enjoy.

Sensible Fun, Fox Picks Up Narnia, He-Man Director Named, New Predator Film From Rodriguez, Dead Rising and Lost Planet Sequels on the Way.

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Darbz said...

It's awesome and brilliant!! I love it, anyone reading this who hasn't listen to the show yet...LISTEN TO IT!!!