Box Office SMASH!

So I've just returned from viewing the awsome visual death match that is the Hulk.

It was just as the title said incredible. I dont want to talk to much about it as I hope we'll cover it in the next "Dork In Your Eye!" But I wanted to say to all our fans in the world wide web watch it! It's worth every penny and proves that marvel keeping their movies in house is the way of the future.

Ben - I can also agree mostly with Marc on this. I saw the film last night, and I was leaving any talk of it for a show. It's lots of fun. This one two punch with Iron Man (though I rate Iron Man higher) has basically knocked anything DC can put together out of the water. Great performances, action and awesome Marvel referencing of what is to come. Tune in to the next show for more, whenever that will be.

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