I want more!


I have just finished the TPB of Mark Millar's absolutely bloody amazing series, Wanted.

Wow, I wont go into detail now, as this will be talked about on the next show, but hot damn, that book is stunning.

It has one of the best 4th wall destroying endings ever, it has copious amounts of gore and mess. It's violent, whitey, apt and engrossing.

I think reading Wanted was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had reading a comic. I couldn't put it down and I am kicking myself for only reading this now.

A thank you has to go out to my comics pusher, Harry, without him I would never have read this. If the film is anywhere as cool as this was, even close, it's gonna be amazing!

It seems the film is pretty different to the book, more the feel than plot is taken over, but it still looks cool, check out the trailer. My advice though, go read Wanted before you see it in the cinema, it's a real treat.

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