More Marvel Movie News!

And this is news of the most awesome kind.

First off the little known Marvel comic Runaways, a comic I have read quite a bit. The basic premise is a bunch of kids discover there parents are super VILLAINS and run away from home. They then start to get powers of there own and use them to over throw there parents, and travel in time some in a confusing kinda way. I imagine the time travel thing wont feature in a film though. Oh yeh, Runaways is being turned into a film. Did I loose the point somewhere in there?

If you are sitting there wondering why I care, the series was co-created by Brian K Vaughan in 2002, he is also writting the film. Cool huh. It's a fun premise and you can get some more info here.

The second and in just about everyones opinion way bigger news is that the Captain America film, titled: The First Avenger: Captain America will be set ENTIRELY in World War Two! That is such awesome news sourced from here.

Ending weeks of rabid interenet discussion Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige decided to clear some things up. This is cool cos seeing the first super solider square off against Nazis and most likely the Red Skull (Caps arch nemesis) in WWII will make for some exciting and visually awesome scenes.

So we shall have this first origin film, followed by another, The Avengers movie, sepperated by a couple of months on 2011. So expect the first to finish with Captain America firmly frozen in ice! To allay fears that to get any of these films you will have to watch all that came before Feige commented:

“Each of them have to stand on their own,” Feige said. “You won’t have to have seen any of the films to understand The Avengers… but it will help.”

I shall be seeing ALL of them, and I can't wait!

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