Gears of War Comic

It was announced last Thursday that DC and Epic Games are together releasing a Gears of War comic. Supposedly the comic will bridge the gap between the first game and the hotly anticipated sequel.

Now I have to say that I was not that impressed by the first Gears of War, admittedly I only picked the thing up once, but I have watched Ben play the whole thing through. Even after that I was still left feeling a little bit like “Oh was that it?” as I am sure those of you who actually played it felt too.

I do however have higher hopes for the sequel, even after that odd man Cliffy B did that silly fake chopping through paper thing at GDC and told us that the first game was just an introduction. And that the second according the their website will be an “epic story of survival, loss, and retribution.”

This I think is where the comic comes in, I have no doubt that DC and Epic Games are both trying to capitalise on the hype of the upcoming sequel but I also think that it is a good indication that Epic are really thinking about the story for Gears 2. Not to mention that any comic that comes from the Gears universe is going to be all about chopping shit up… Cool!

The comic is set to be released under DC’s Wildstorm imprint and is due to reach us in October a month before the second game hits the shelves.

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