Dork In Your Eye: Episode 13, Drunken Tangents

It's been a very slow week when it comes to news. I think from now on this show post is going to be a chance for me to spout a bit. Because I really need an excuse huh.

As you may have noticed, not much newsworthy stuff happened this week. I did go and record two other podcasts though. The first at the start of the week for BritXbox (now up) and the second for Star 107.9 which should be appearing soon (I will do a post when it's up), I hope. Doing the show for Star was awesome. It was my first experience inside a real recording studio for the radio no less. Both these shows were video game related, but both were very different in tone, Stars being orientated on the casual gamer.

Changing subject, I can't stress how cool some of the content is that Marc might be getting from the various conventions he shall be attending this summer. One exclusive is confirmed and he is trying very hard to get more. I have no doubt my tenacious partner in crime will succeed.

I really hope that the news will pick up and that that annoying thing called real life doesn't get in the way for me and Marc to post about it (twice I have spelt his name correctly now!) if it ever does pick up.

Now the show... It's something I very nearly scrapped. But we haven't missed a show yet, that's in 13 episodes. Not many podcasts can boast that trust me. The reason the show nearly got binned was that it was recorded at around 11 PM Friday night, while inebriated. Not just jolly, but very nearly smashed. Now there is no excuse, other than Marc certainly deserved a drink and I wanted some!

The content is even more all over the place than usual, but this is the first time we have done a proper music segment. The two bands me and Marc chat about are Dream Evil and Poets of the Fall. If you don't know them yet, well, now you should.

Other content is a Foreign Masterworks segment, thankfully recorded a few weeks ago, some slurred and almost comedy news and a Comics are Crack ditty focusing on 'indy' stuff.

So take a listen, have a giggle and let me know if you want an uncut, probably very long and at times down right terrifying version of the show!


Bellow is a link dump for more information on the main things (in the order they are talked about) we mention in the show (ed-Wiki is our friend)! So enjoy.

News - Naked Big Brother, Earth Vs. Moon, Zombieland, Fanboys, Thundercade, Virgin Trailer for Comics, Guy Richies Game Keeper, Rock Band Pricing.
Foreign Master-works - Battle Royal, Night/Day Watch
Comics are Crack. Yes we are looking at comics while we talk - George RR Martins Wild Cards, Dabel Brothers
Music - Dream Evil, Poets of the Fall.

((Couple of interesting facts, the picture is not me or Marc, googleing drunk gets you some interesting pics and in the show when I say I was a little sick, it was not a joke.))


Dark Fury said...

Ever read Lord of the Flies? That involves children killing each other on an island...

Poets of the Fall are awesome, glad you enjoy them too.

Ben said...

Yeh, I have read it, great book. At the time we recorded the segment we completely missed the parallel though. Whoops.

Dark Fury said...

That'll be the drink. ;)

Ben said...

Worryingly no it wont. That segment was recorded around 3 weeks ago, in the middle of the day and stone cold sober...