EA & MTV take the p**s!

Today it was announced that Rock Band will finally be coming to Europe exclusively for the 360.

On May 23rd the game shall launch with all the tracks available to download in the US immediately available over here. I would be very excited about this, but there is a slight problem.

EA are greedy bast***s! Let me explain. This is the pricing structure they have set out for us lucky people across the pond.

When the game came out in the US a Special Edition was released that included the game, a Fender Strat guitar, the drum kit and a mic, all for $169. But we here and Europe are obviously saps.

We are getting an Instrument Edition priced at £129.99, this includes the three peripherals but not the game – which you will need and is priced at £49.99. So if you want to have the whole experience you are looking at a minimum of £180.

You will obviously want another guitar as well, oh and the instruments in this edition are not wireless. The wireless guitars will sell for £59.99. The separate drum kit will sell for £69.99.

Now you can expect most retailers to do a bundle with the game, but for anything more than £150 I shall be saying no thanks. Having played Rock Band already I can comment that the game is a slightly sup par version of Guitar Hero, it's certainly an easier version.

So the big draw is in having the whole kit and playing with 4 people and loving it. At that price though, I think EA have made a big mistake. There greed knows no bounds, but keep an eye on your local games retailers for deals, there better be bloody deals!

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