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Well, as we all know, the writers strike really shook things up in TV land across the pond. The ramifications are still being felt and will be for some time. To many the most obvious effect is that some shows that were forced into hiatus may not be coming back. Here at last are some facts, superstition and more rumours as to which genre shows may be returning and some that may not, these are the shows on the 'bubble' in TV talk.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Yes, that show with the big name. Many were worried that this would not be returning, but the talk is positive. This show focusing on the aforementioned Connor and her son, the saviour, John and there ongoing struggle against Skynet was surprisingly well performed with some really good writing plus some kick ass action. I shouldn't really need to say more. This is showing in the UK on Virgin 1, talk is cheap, so here is some I didn't write:

"Fox executives like the creative product and thought the finale's performance last week was solid. The network also spent a considerable amount marketing the show, giving Season 2 some cost benefit. Also: The fourth Terminator movie (ed-now untitled as the overly long subtitle was dropped this week) comes out in 2009, and as The Simpsons Movie proved, there are promotional advantages to film-TV synergy."

Or so says James Hibbered over at the Hollywood Reported, the source for all the information I shall be discussing here, what can I say, the guy probably has better connections than me. This is great news though as the show was loads of fun and really very solid, I look forward to seeing more.

Knight Rider

The new show deputed as a feature length made for TV movie and it knew its demographic very well. With an impetuous lead, smart female side kick, wise old man and a lesbian cop, the high octane action and humorous dialogue played very well with the twenty something males, and younger. Hell it was loads of fun for me. Currently this has not aired in the UK, the talk is:

"The February movie performed well for NBC. Sources say the network is in talks with a showrunner who is familiar with NBC primetime, which suggests a regular series order is likely."


This show is for the girls. Feeling very much like one of those chick lit fantasy/horror vampire sex books that my other half reads it garnered a pretty strong and passionate fan base, I should know, I live with one. The hero is serviceable and feels a little like a sensitive Angel (the one who was in Buffy), which can grate a tad. The well realised vampire world is pretty compelling though, this is not airing in the UK yet. The word from Hollywood land:

"CBS is playing wait-and-see with this Friday night show. The network is curious whether the show's fans return once it comes back from its strike-induced hiatus. But "Moonlight" fans are passionate, the show fits well into CBS' Friday night alternative crime block and an eventual pickup is probable."


My favourite from all the shows at the moment and the one I think deserves most to come back, though its the least likely. A strong first season revolving around 24 nuclear bombs going off around the US and the havoc this caused led into a fan resurrected leaner, meaner and amazing second season. Some of the best performances and most emotional stories so far this year have been in season 2 of Jericho, it's rare any TV nearly makes me cry, but this came close. A third season would be a lovely surprise, but I think the chances are close to zero. At least they have a proper ending shot for season 2.

This show aired season 1 already on some random channel (in the UK) and the DVD is out very soon, no word on season 2 yet. It's shortened length (only 7 eps, 5 of which have aired already) may mean it doesn't get picked up over here. the word:

"CBS must make this decision quickly since only two episodes remain in Season 2 and the network has to choose Ending A or Ending B. Two conclusions to the season have been shot. One puts a narrative lid on the series (lest protesting fans pelt CBS executives with thousands of pounds of nuts again), the other more of a cliffhanger. CBS notes that the show gains from DVR viewership and online viewing, but after its performance the past two weeks, most doubt the citizens of "Jericho" will live to fight another season."


This comedy about a guy who's sole was sold to the Devil by his parents and how he has to become a bounty hunter for him is kinda fun, but can be hit and miss. The dynamic between the cast is pretty snappy and the monster a week formula works well to keep it fresh, it's one of those shows I don't mind watching, but I don't set time aside to view it either. The show is currently being show on E4 over here in the UK. Talk from tinsel town is:

"Critics loved the pilot of the CW's supernatural drama, then griped that the series lost its way. The show returns tonight against ABC's "Lost" and needs divine intervention to come back strong enough to make the network add it to its list of previously announced pickups."

So to conclude this rather long post, Terminator looks good, Knight Rider is hopeful, Moonlight is a maybe, Jericho looks very unlikely and so does Reaper. So it's certainly not all bad news, but it could have been better. I am gutted to see my favourite go, but I was amazed it came back in the first place. Lets not forget though that some are already confirmed as returning. Chuck, Heroes, Lost, Smallville, Supernatural, Pushing Daises and Ghost Whisperer have all been confirmed as returning. No surprise that the ones perhaps trying something a bit new are the ones threatened most.

Oh and lets not forget April 4th sees the return of Battlestar Galactica in what I am sure is going to be some amazing TV! I will obviously keep you up to date as developments occur.

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Darbz said...

I tried to watch the terminator series with my girlfriend and she didn't know ANYTHING about terminator so I spent so much time explaining everything about terminator that the program wasnt worth watching cos we missed most of it, but I defo wanna catch up with what I missed and carry it on from there.
Knight Rider was a massive favorite for me as a kid and I vaguely remember seeing the movie several times (with no recolection of what actually happens in it lol). I think the remake could be awesome for the younger audience but fuck its not gonna beat the Hoff and the old school Kit so I'll give this one a miss unless its on when I'm watching the stupid box.
Never heard of moonlight or Jerico and Moonlight doesnt capture my imagination but Jerico sounds like it could be good.
But up until tonight I would have said I HATED reaper, but saw tonights episode and it made me chuckle and was much better than what I'd seen of it previously. It reminds me of a million other stories of being the devils bounty hunter but kinda reminds me of early buffy as well with the 'monster a week' concept and Americaness. so I'd say I'd have to watch it a few more time to say whether i liked it or not, but my girlfriend loves it so it can't be that bad (i hope for her sake lol)