The End of Potter

Yes it’s been announced, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be coming our way at the end of 2010. Our last chance to see Harry, Ron and Hermione battle it out against He Who Must Not Be Named. If like me you loved the Harry Potter books this will be bitter-sweet, you love it and you will always want more.

Something that is not really surprising is the decision to cut the story into two films, a fact that may have people complaining or rejoicing. Though this has been rumoured for each of the books since Prisoner of Azkaban, this is the first time it is actually going to take place.

Some would agree with the decision, saying the book was far too long with a big boring bit in the middle, which I would have to agree with. However even trimming out all the fat will still leave a lot of story to cover, far too much for just one film. The plan is to release two films one before Christmas in November 2010 with the final instalment slotted at the beginning of the summer blockbusters in May 2011.

David Yates will be returning as director, which is fabulous, as Order of the Phoenix has been the best film of the series. Steve Kloves is returning to adapt the script, as he has done for all but one of the films (sadly the one he missed was Order of the Phoenix, which leaves me a bit worried!).

So my fellow Potter fans, the end draws nigh. I love the Harry Potter books and I must admit the films have not always lived up to my expectations, but with every consecutive film getting better I have to say I am really excited and I don’t want to have to wait that long.

(ed-this story was outsourced to my other half who is the HP fan, thanks Leia!)

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Darbz said...

sounds like a good concept to make it two films...but at the same time I'm thinking they're trying to get on the Harry Potter franchise wagon. TBH I enjoyed the first few films (never followed the books because I'm not a great reader - hence why I love comics so much) and then it got a bit like 'fuck is this ever going to end?' I doubt I'll watch it in the cinema but I think I'm more likely to watch it at home.