Tropic Thunder: New Pics.

If you missed my story from a week or so ago, check it out here.

Below are a couple more fun looking pictures from this film (from Joblo). It really does look like a laugh. the first pic has Coogan as the director with the group prior to all hell breaking loose, and the second has Nolte as the 'nam vet after all the s**t has hits the fan, oh and it has Downey Jr. without the black make up.

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Darbz said...

this looks so awesome i'm totally gonna have to see it and i've already recomended it to people that have never heard of it and they think it looks cool as well...but the main comment ive heard has been "ohh that'll be good its got ben stiller in it" to which i replied "fuck ben stiller hes done some shit movies (along came polly springs to mind)! what about the other amazing cast members. especially Downey Jr (whom I've always been a massive fan of)...ohh have you seen the iron man trailer" :D