Starfleet Academy

I love these pics. They really are like the person was actually skulking around and spying, I can almost picture the mac and dark glasses. Anyway, the shots are taken from the set of a film titled Corporate Headquarters a title that screams fake to me and many others. I mean, just look at all that blue screen!

Anyway, the rumour is that these are really shots from Abrams new Star Trek film. Taken at CSUN's Oviatt Library which im guessing is a university, they look a lot like Starfleet Academy to me and I am not alone in this thinking. If anything, check out the very ST style uniforms and in some pics what can only be described as a rocket car. Pretty cool stuff, make sure you check out the big version of the shots, so click bellow.

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Darbz said...

HAHA Nice! I've been a mild trekky ever since my bro had legislation to watch the original series and then the next generation over home and away (my sisters choice at 6:00 weekdays) because he's older. I must say star trek films dont interest me much (but the Enterprise series with 'Samuel Beckett' From Quantum Leap [one of the BEST series EVER to grace our TV screens] was totally brilliant) however they're always enjoyable to watch when they're on TV so I would welcome another. I like the spycam pics, it's a nice insight to a film set but I haven't heard anything about a new star trek film and the trekkies I know don't seem to know much about any new films either so if there's anymore info on it plz post it up, thnx