Perty Pictures!

First off, the German one sheet for Iron Man (very different from the international posters) and the rumour that the international release date might have come forward by a few days to April 30! Fantastic!

And here is the first picture of The Joker and Batman actually together, from The Dark Knight. This link goes to the story it is associated with, be warned, it's spoilerific!

This summer is looking so good!

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Darbz said...

I didn't go to the link cos i don't it to be spoiled but hell mother fuckin yes does this look like a hell of a summer...Batman, Iron man, The Hulk, indianna jones 4...(hellboy 2)...and others. To be honest I think kung fu panda will be a suprise laugh and as a kung fu geek and it stars jackie chan AND i'm a fan of pixar, i think this will be a suprise summer hit