LaBeouf might be the last man...

I can think of more than one person who actually hates even the sound of 'Shia LaBeouf'. I don't think you can deny that the man has a rather silly name but going out on a limb here, I actually quite like him in the movies I have seen with him in...

Anyway, the story. Now, if you have not read any of the seminal Brian K. Vaughan graphic novel Y: The Last Man, then you are missing out on some of the most compelling fiction (ever to revolve around the last man on Earth and his monkey).

Now D.J. Caruso might not be a directors name you are aware of, his credits consist mainly of TV, but he has also sat in the big chair for a couple of movies staring our favourite up and comer, LaBeouf.

Now perhaps you are seeing the connection. Caruso is in love with Y: The Last Man and he wants no one else but LaBeouf to play Yorick Brown the eponymous last man on Earth. After a mysterious plague hits killing off all the males of every species, Yorick starts a journey of self discovery and a quest to save 'man'kind.

Caruso explains why being the last man on Earth is perhaps a bit like growing as a director.

“To me, what I love is that it happens to be about a gibberish, foolish boy who never grows up, and I think as a filmmaker you can always relate to that because this is one of those jobs where you don’t have to grow up, I can really relate. There’s some poetry in there.”

Caruso has the ambitious plan of filming the entire comic arc over at least 3 fims.

"I see it as a trilogy because there is so much to put in. Where the first movie ends doesn’t even relate to the last issue because it’s so far down the road,” he said. “It hasn’t succeeded so far in the screenplay format because everyone keeps trying to throw everything in there. We’re only taking this [first] story so far.”

When it comes to getting LeBeouf to star in this ambitious project he says:

“We’re talking about. He’s got such a busy schedule that’s hard to fit in because he’s doing ‘Transformers 2’ and whatever after. But I would love to see him do it and we are trying to work it out.”

Hmm. This sounds very ambitious. I am a fan of the series and no I have not finished the comics yet as I am slowly collecting them in Trade Paperback format, but I am sure that it will be a considerable challenge to adapt such a epic tale into three films. Especially for such a relatively new and inexperienced director.

I look forward to finding out more, even if LeBeouf would not have been my choice for casting as Yorick, and I wonder who he would cast as Agent 355.

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Darbz said...

I like Leboef he has a certain on screen charm about him that as said in the article is easy to relate to...some might not like him but I do and this will be an interesting one for him to pull off. He could do it, but I think he might have to try harder with this one in comparrison to anything I've seen him do before. I'm lookin forward to hearing more about this one :)